Smart For Green Life

DAE is committed to a greener energy through intelligent metering and control technology. To this end, DAE maintains a strong research and development team, and high quality manufacturing to continue our innovation to ensure that we are standing at the forefront of energy management. "Smart for Green Life" is our slogan and our mission. DAE is dedicated to help our customers manage their energy use easily and effectively.

Comprehensive Packaged Solutions

We not only make simple sub meters and regular control devices, but more importantly, we strive to solve common customer problems and package them into single products which we call our packaged product solutions.

For many projects, customers make use of simple component products such as meters or control devices, and build their own customized automation system around the products. This incurs a high cost, but even then, there is no guarantee that this would provide them with the expected performance or even that it would solve the problem that the automation system was for in the first place.

Instead of doing a custom solution, we offer an alternative in the form of practical, simple to use and affordable packaged solutions that have already solved many of the most commonly encountered problems that require a custom designed automation system.

Many of these packaged product solutions have been battle tested and refined over many years and guaranteed to be practical and reliable. Being field tested greatly lowers customer risk over fancy but unproven customized automation systems.