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The DAE Cloud Metering System (CLMS) is the ideal web-based software tool for collecting real-time data and logging historical data from your DAE meters


DAE CLMS applications
  • Tenant submetering
  • Branch circuit monitoring
  • Load surveying
  • Load monitoring
  • Lighting failure monitoring


DAE CLMS features
  • Web based and easy to use.
  • Monitor both electricity and water meters.
  • Collects real-time data.
  • Logs consumption readings.
  • Bar charts allows easy tracking of resource usage trends.
  • Verification of renovation improvements.
  • Applies to all types of DAE digital meters

Real-Time Data

CLMS collects real-time data

The CLMS allows monitoring of all the meter readings and resource usage through its network connection to all the electricity and water meters connected to it, everything is collected in real time and the all data is conveniently aggregated onto a single screen for ease of viewing.

Data Records

CLMS logged data

View past logs for the water and electricity consumption records, which could then be used for resource use analysis, monitoring of equipment operation, or for tenant billing.

Products Supported

CLMS logged data


CC2030 gateway
  • Description: Cloud metering gateway
  • Products supported: DAE electricity and water meters
  • Network interface: 10/100 Ethernet Base T auto-MDIX
  • Meter interface: RS485
  • Power supply: AC/DC 9~24V
  • Function: collects and transfers data from the meters to the cloud server.